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August 19-20

Sat 11-7

Sunday 11-6 


Airport Holiday Inn

4600 Genesee St. Cheektowaga, NY (Right next to the airport) 

Plenty of Free Parking & a Great Restaurant


Francine Bizzari

Francine Bizzari is a gifted psychic who resides in Auburn, New York and is widely known throughout the U.S., CANADA and Europe for her work with clairvoyancy, healing, ghost hunting, auras and psychic readings. Francine is one of the most sought after psychics in the psychic field. When channeling a reading, Francine alters her conscious state to a point where she may unite with the Source of the information which is being sought. She warmly welcomes those who may wish to develop this awareness potential within themselves Her lectures are well attended by those who would share in this enlightening experience. Francine also requests healing energies for those with such needs, and she is actively interested in 'ghost hunting'.Each person that has a reading with Francine leaves with a clear understanding of their problems to helpthemselves and others to help themselves, as well as to live each day with a positive attitude.

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Ginny London

Virginia London- I am well known as a Psychic / Medium. I am known in the United States as well as Canada. I have been connected with Angels and Spirit guides my whole life. I was certified at the Elaine Thomas, School of Fellowship of Spirit in Lily Dale. I have been doing readings since 1990. I may talk about past, present and future, money, health and your relationships. I see, feel and hear Guides, Angels and Spirits. My readings are knowledgeable and up lifting. I also provide clarity, insight and inspiration. Providing glimpses into the future. One of my passions is communicating with loved ones. I do private reading and house parties. 716-804-2453 or 716-433-1543 For Entertainment Purposes Only

Craig Hanlin

About Craig: An ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek, Craig is a Medium/Spiritualist/Psychic, a clairvoyant/clairaudient, and is an avid astrologer and tarot specialist. With nearly 20 years of experience, he has studied various areas of the new age spiritual sciences, including metaphysics, dream interpretation, and psychology. He utilizeswhichever tool is necessary to provide a spiritual, but psychological approach in guiding others in personal readings. Craig is well known throughout the Western New York and Southern Ontario areas as a participant in various Psychic, New Age and Holistic Fairs, and can also be found teaching, lecturing, and conducting seminars. He occasionally makes appearances on television and radio programmes 

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Debbie Monteleone

Deb Monteleone-When I got my first Tarot deck at 18 I threw away the directions and just knew how to read them. My initial advance spiritual teaching at that time was from a Catholic priest. He taught me how to spiritually cleanse environments as well as people.  My mother was also a mentor teaching me astrology, spirit communication and many other practices. My mother was also a reader, tracing spirituality all the way back to the Mayflower. My greatest medium lessons came while working at the hospital.  That is the frontline where people are on the edge of living and dying. That is where you either help them cross or help them stay.  The frontline (hospital) is where you do the consoling and helping families deal with their grief.

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Michelle Hall
Michelle is a certified psychic medium through the TrilogyInstitute of Lily Dale New York, with over 20 years of experience. She knew her life's path would be guided byspirit since childhood, coming from generations of gifted spiritualistsand tarot card readers.
As an ordained minister, she has a true love for spiritual work,and is very dedicated to helping heal, counsel and make positive changes in people's lives.
Michelle is a respected personality in local and nationalmedia. Previously she appeared in an episode of the Dead Files featured on the Travel Channel. Michelle also hosted and was executive producer of The Psychics Next Door radio show on CBS Para-X radio, as well as her TV show Paranormal NewYork. Her work in TV and radio has contributed to educating the public about metaphysics and the paranormal.

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Kris Faso
Kris Faso has a fondness for collecting stones and minerals. Kris displays a natural and intuitive way of understanding an individual's attraction to the particular stones they choose. During a consultation with Kris you will be asked to place a piece of jewelry or metal object that you have carried or worn along with the stones you choose around the wheel. With permission from you and that of your Spirit Guides and Protectors, Kris receives impressions around you helping him to gain access into the areas of concern that you may have.

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Tarot by Terri

Teri use to do accounting and medical billing until she found that something was missing- SERVING SPIRIT. Thus her journey began as a psychic medium. She resides in Hamburg, NY, is happily married, has a daughter, son-in-law and three grandsons she is deeply devoted too. Using the Tarot cards as one of her tools she offers spiritual guidance and direction. Tarot offers interpretation and insight on matters that are important in your life. The tarot cards are ancient and hold mystical powers within them. Through her many individual readings and numerous home psychic parties she has connected with loved ones and friends that have passed. Currently she is doing readings at the restaurant THE BLUE WALL in West Seneca, NY- Thursday 6pm to 9pm. She has been seen at the Hearthstone Psychic Fairs-NOW THE GRAPEVINE and has also been at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY.Reopen your spiritual pathway with a reading or psychic home party from TAROT BY TERI.(716) 646-5048 

Antonio Torres

Antonio Torres- Psychic Medium ,I love to heal people by connecting with the spirit.I practice Reiki, Tuning Forks, and Singing Bowls therapy.These therapies help balance the chakras, and helps the healing process. In my readings, I use Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, as well as Stones and Crystals I love teaching people how to heal and, how to connect with there guides. I love going out of my way for one and another, this is very important for me! MAY WE ALL TRAVEL WITH LOVE AND THE LIGHT

Theressa Johnson

Theressa Johnson-Hello!  I’m happy to have this opportunity to meet you!  My name is Theressa.  I am known as Spirit Messenger on Face Book and have been a practicing psychic medium for many years now.  I’ve had the awareness of the ability since the age of 6.Well, I use my psychic ability to tune into you to offer guidance on your life path, your personality and life challenges.  I use my mediumship ability to tune into the spirit world to contact your loved ones, including your pets and your angels and spirit guides.My intention for you is that your reading will leave you feeling spiritually nourished, encouraged and uplifted.  My friends and colleagues in the Spirit World know my intentions and will work with your loved ones, teachers and guides to honor your spiritual needs at the time of your sitting.I am also available for Past Life Regression Workshops, Meet Your Spirit Guide Workshops, How To Read Tarot Intuitively Workshops and many more! May the longtime sun shine upon you.  All love surround you.  And the pure light of wisdom, guide you all the way on. From my spirit to your spirit and from my heart to your heart.

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Barbara Bennette

A clairvoyant since birth, Barbara’s fascination with psychic readings began in childhood as she watched her grandmother perform intuitive readings from an ordinary deck of cards. It wasn’t until many years latter that she was given her first deck of tarot cards. The cards were merely a key which opened a door to her own personal spiritual development. Under the guidance of her beloved Aunt Kay, an internationally known psychic, medium, healer, and her teacher, she learned to trust her own natural intuitive talents.Today, Barbara is grateful for her intuitive abilities and is willing to assist you find peace and happiness through her Spirit guided readings. Barbara’s psychic readings empower her clients and help them to find positive direction in their lives, and assist them towards the path that leads them to greater happiness

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David Louis- Animal Communications
David Louis will be giving readings for you and animal communication sessions for you and your animal companions. (For animal communication, bring a leashed or crated pet or photos.) I am an experienced Intuitive with over 30 years of spiritual study, and I have been an animal communicator for over 15 years.  As a reader for you I will address the issues in your life and provide you with the information and gentle guidance you need to make the most out of this lifetime, including your health, spiritual well being, and prosperity. As an animal communicator I work with animals in spirit as well as your daily animal companions to facilitate health and healing, address behavioral issues, or help you determine the right time frame for helping your companions cross over. As an Intuitive Counselor and animal communicator I have worked with individuals throughout the United States and internationally. Stop by my table to see what others have to say about my work as an intuitive for people and animals.

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SARINA, Oracle of Light, Clairvoyant Psychic Medium is an internationally renowned fourth generation Clairvoyant Psychic Medium. Sarina’s high rate of accuracy allowed her to succeed in passing the International Psychic Audition for the Edgar Cayce Panel of Professional Psychics. She is the recipient of the “The Edgar Cayce Legacy” for Excellence in the Psychic Development of the Soul. Sarina’s amazing Psychic Gifts offer you insight, clarity, guidance, direction, inspiration and confirmation. Readings by Sarina are enlightening and uplifting. “During a Reading, I work with Spirit, White Light and Angels. I connect with your Higher Self, the Akashic Records, and your Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters. Spirit Messages may also come through in a Reading.” - Sarina. Questions are encouraged and you may cover any combination of topics in your Reading. Popular Topics include: love, relationships, guidance, life path, career, etc. As a TV and Radio personality, Sarina has appeared on shows throughout New York and Pennsylvania and was called on by the TV show Psychic Investigators.Sarina’s Services offer: Channeled Guidance, Intuitive Insight, your Angels & Guides, Past Lives, Dream Analysis, Phone Readings, Workshops, Parties and Special Events. For your Reading, Event, or more info, call SARINA at(315) 706-6824.Light, Sarina

Chris DeSerio

Chris DeSerio, MA, CHt is an internationally renowned trance medium, spiritual consultant, and energy healer who took his original anxieties and fears of the Spirit World and how he seemed to feel and know things inexplicably as a child, and embraced a path of learning that he now shares in the roles of teacher, tutor, and friend.He’s been interviewed and featured by numerous publications on topics ranging from manifesting a better life to animal communication to being an intuitive healer (and how that comes into play as a psychotherapist and hypnotist) to addressing and removing paranormal activity surrounding people and places. Chris has further made several guest appearances on the Lois Wright Show in East Hampton, NY in which his unique blend of healing skills was explored.One of Chris’ greatest gifts is in helping people recognize their unique connection to the Spirit World and how to best benefit from that exchange of what is love, compassion, awareness, understanding, and tremendous growth for those open to these life-changing experiences.To aid in this path of exploration, Chris authored The 2 Keys for You to Succeed in Business and Personal Life Using Your Natural Psychic Gift and is busy at work finalizing several other texts and guides to further expand your development. www.chrisdeserio.comChris will be available for psychic readings, mediumship sittings, and questions regarding your own spiritual growth, metaphysical development, manifestation techniques, and other interests.

Lori Maines

Lori Maines-I make Ojos de Dios....yarn mandalas.  Originally created by the Huichol tribes of Mexico, the craft was brought to the US by travelling tribes, and spread around the Southwestern areas.  They were a spiritual tool, and have come to mean many things by the people from all over the world that design them.They are not only very decorative, they are also meditational, for both the creator and the eventual owner.  Colors have great meaning, and I often add healing stones to my mandalas to give them more powerful vibrations.  I belong to a facebook group that has 17,000 members, primarily from South America, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Spain, Russia, Africa, and India.  There are very few "Mandaleros" in the US. I make mandalas in sizes from 12" to 36", and depending on size and complexity, the prices start at $30 and go up to $450.  i am also working on a few that are small enough to hang in the car.

Suzanne Linde

What I do is Metaphysical with Scientific backing. My hand plate measures your electromagnetic field and shows your spiritual colors and your Chakras (your bodies energy centers). When I look at your energy flow through your Chakras I can tell you what you need to work on, if anything, to fine tune your physical and spiritual body. If your energy flow is blocked we will talk about which area in you life you could work on to remove the blocks you have created. If your energy flows freely you will have more energy, sleep better, feel more positive and be more grounded and focused. You will see your Aura and Chakras and I will do an intuitive reading. I will record the reading and email it to you along with a 30 page report that will give you a lot of information to compliment the reading I do for you. I also make healing gemstone jewelry to continue the healing process. In the mineral kingdom which ever stone you are attracted to is the one that you need at this time. I am a Psychic Medium who was ordained in the Order of Melchizedek and have been a light worker for 15 years.

Tammy's PrettyRox

Tammy from PrettyRox will be vending with her family of stones after being absent for a few years. Make sure to stop in and see her amazing variety or tumbled stone and other items. 

Daydreamers Designs

My name is Lawra, my husband and I  own Daydreamer's Designs.  Ever since I was a small child I loved to make things; art was my passion.
Now as an adult I still have that passion to create, but with a twist! Literally I twist wire making unique sculpture and jewelry. The only thing I might love more than creating art is working with crystals. I always had a fond interest in rocks and minerals and studied geology and mineralogy in college, so it pleases me to be able to find a way to work with my two loves.  My Husband and I both love to be inspired by our love of learning, it has been the source for some of my favorite creations. The zodiac line especially, I find Astrology an essential tool in today's world and find it very useful in my readings and with determining which energies to incorporate for specific custom pieces.  
Hi I'm Tim.  Being a part of Daydreamer's Deigns has opened up beautiful spiritual world for me.  For most of my life I've been interested in health & wellness, it wasn't until after a near fatal illness did I begin to discover my own spirituality.  Growing our business is as much fun as it is work, since we love what we do.  Having the opportunity to relate to others  on a daily basis regarding Astrology, Meditation, and Health is a blast.  Being a part of the continuing evolution of consciousness of this planet is exactly where I want t

Nikki Benatovich- Cosmic Lotus Jewelry

I make each Cosmic Lotus bracelet by hand, using my training in Chakra Balancing, Vinyasa Yoga, Reiki and Crystal Therapy to combine the healing mineral and aesthetic properties of each stone into a dazzling, wearable work of art. This truly makes my creations authentic, healing sacred jewelry. You'll find lots of information here at Cosmic Lotus about the different stones and crystals I use, as well as the ancient wellness techniques I employ to create this unique jewelry for my customers.If you are interested in a custom piece, please contact me!  I have hundreds of different gemstomes and semi-precious natural stones on hand and get new supplies in every week.  The store feature on this page is also being updated to reflect new inventory, including essential oil-infused lava stone bracelets, essential oil aromatherapy sprays (including a full chakra set) and many new bracelet designs.  In addition, I will be offering a "custom" feature through the store that allows you to design your own jewelry based on available stones.

Namaste.-- Nikki Benatovich 

Darlene Liberto -@60 Jewelry Design

Throughout her lifetime, Darlene has found herself touched by the spiritual and artistic worlds time and again in various ways. While still in high school Darlene competed nationally designing ad layouts. Many years later she found herself in the decorating world as a wallcovering advisor. She has always had a desire to “create” and after retiring from her 24+ year career as a banker, she began to create bracelets for family, friends and as gifts. As her interest in designing jewelry grew, she was encouraged by others to sell her wares. Her first attempt was a small shop in a local lakeside community. The owner of the shop initially took 5 pieces on consignment. After the first week, the owner contacted Darlene for more items and after the first month decided to buy 12 more pieces outright. ....and so it began. @60 Jewelry Designs was created. Darlene continues to be inspired by the spiritual and artistic worlds and offers a variety of unique fashion jewelry creations

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Nancy Kensy-The Angel Painter

I have been painting with mica for 40 years, but was recently called to paint healing angels with this mineral. after a serious health diagnosis .Every angel is designed with Divine influence along with my creative spirit. Whether they are enjoyed for their physical beauty or from a holistic or spiritual viewpoint, my wish is that they provide a contemplative healing experience for those that are called to them. Often the energy they exude can be felt by the viewer, and the connection to the angelic realms begins.EACH NANCY ELLEN KENSY DESIGN IS A UNIQUE EXPRESSION OF ART, EARTH, AND CHANNELED ANGELIC HEALING VIBRATION. COMPOSED WITH DIVINE REVELATION, EACH ANGEL EXUDES A BLESSING FROM THE UNIVERSE, AND EACH IS INFUSED WITH HEALING REIKI AND SACRED ENERGIES...ELEMENTS FROM ABOVE, BELOW AND WITHIN.

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Lady of the Lake

Lady of the Lake is a Metaphysical Store in Fredonia, NY. We carry a large variety of Metaphysical items including, but not limited to, candles, herbs, potions, books, tarot and Oracle cards, pendulums and pendulum mats, oils, oil burners, sage, Palo Santo, chakra sets, divination sets etc etc, and some gemstone jewelry.

Wired Earth

I am Adrenne Grundon, owner of Wired Earth Jewelry. I create one of a kind healing energy jewelry, incorporating gemstones and crystals with fine metals and clay. I have always had my own gemstone and crystal collection, that I use for mediation and my healing. 3 years ago, I asked for guidance for a more purposeful path. I have been led to a path of healing, connecting people with the healing stones they need, in the form of wearable art. Whether you choose a piece of jewelry already created or have a custom made, every piece is handcrafted with Love and Light by me.

Terri Dabney

Terri Has been working with essential oils for 10 years. She became interested in combining soap with essential oils 3 years ago, while personally searching for something for her own skin. The skin is a huge organ and it is through our skin that we receive good and bad properties---nutrients and bacterias.Terri was disappointed by commercial brand soaps that contain a lot of chemicals, perfumes and dyes, so she started her business called Yellowwood. YELLOWWOOD products are homemade, NO dyes, perfumes or suspensions are used. Only the highest quality essential (earth) oils, organic and natural ingredients: clays, charcoal, dried milk and yogurt, honey, herbs and flowers. Natures colorants like turmeric for creating yellows, chlorophyll for greens to dried cranberry skins for reds and pinks are infused in bar soaps, scrubs, no poos(dry shampoos) and bath buzzers. Terri believes the earth will 'save our hides' and WE should save the earth by recycling, reducing, reusing and ...saying "YES 2 NATURAL SOAP"!


Funkreationz -Steve's Funk-a-licious UpCycled boxes, shelves, old barn wood plaques, and anything he can get his hands on. His work is colorful and reminiscent of Dr. Suess.....You cannot help to smile when you see his colorful creations-And you cannot help but take a few home. He also has amazing coloring books and will have a coloring station at this event for relaxing and having fun!! 

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Lucy Zagari

Lucy Zagari is a Young Living Oil distributor who gives the Best Energy Clearing hand massage using therapeutic grade essential oils. You will smell as good as you feel after your treatment. She also makes soaps using the oils and always has beautiful surprises at her booth. 

Kate Halligan- Roc City Henna

Kate Halligan-Roc City Henna- I've always wanted to get tattoos but couldn't decide on anything permanent, and I also wanted to avoid the pain of a needle application. In 2013, I discovered temporary Henna tattoos, immediately fell in love and began drawing tattoos on myself. Since then, I've continued expanding my knowledge and application skills, even mixing my own Henna paste from scratch. In addition to custom Henna tattoo services for any occasion, I am also a Henna supplier, offering pre-mixed Henna kits/supplies as well as mix-your-own Henna kits/supplies for skin and hair. It is my honor and joy to carry on the magic, history, beauty and tradition of using Henna for all occasions.

Click here to see more of Kate's work

White Wolf Reiki

ABOUT WHITE WOLF REIKI-White Wolf Reiki & Wellness was created to help people regain health and wellness through natural, holistic means. Lisa has been using Universal Energy for well over a decade to heal and bring well-being to her family.  She has learned many ways to call upon that energy, but her introduction to Reiki prompted her to share her knowledge and abilities with the community. Steven recognized the healing power of sound long ago, and he has long been able to sense the energy of others.  The past few years have prompted him to use both of these abilities to help others.