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October 13-14

Sat 11-7

Sunday 11-6 

Auburn Holiday Inn~

presented by FLX Events and

the Stations of the Finger Lakes Radio Group  

175 North Street

Auburn, NY


Weekend Admission-Advance purchase $8

$10 at the door 

Children 12 and under Free 


Francine Bizzari

Francine Bizzari is a gifted psychic who resides in Auburn, New York and is widely known throughout the U.S., CANADA and Europe for her work with clairvoyancy, healing, ghost hunting, auras and psychic readings. Francine is one of the most sought after psychics in the psychic field. When channeling a reading, Francine alters her conscious state to a point where she may unite with the Source of the information which is being sought. She warmly welcomes those who may wish to develop this awareness potential within themselves Her lectures are well attended by those who would share in this enlightening experience. Francine also requests healing energies for those with such needs, and she is actively interested in "ghost hunting"Each person that has a reading with Francine leaves with a clear understanding of their problems to helpthemselves and others to help themselves, as well as to live each day with a positive attitude.

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Joy Davis

Hi my name is Joy and I am in Intuitive card reader and a psychic medium. I started out working with gemstones and crystals. Gemstones and crystals are a big part of my life and have brought a lots of joy into my life. I started off reading with a deck of oracle cards that reached out to me. When I started working with oracle cards I had Psychic Friends that help guide me. With their guidance I learned that I had the capability to read not only my oracle cards but the stones and crystals. My ratings are based on the information from the energy around us at the time of the reading. My reading are in regards to your past, present and future. With the help of my Spirit guides and your spirits guides and the guidance of past loved ones I am able to give you a unique reading. So come and experience a reading with me and see what stone you pick.


Virginia London- I am well known as a Psychic / Medium. I am known in the United States as well as Canada. I have been connected with Angels and Spirit guides my whole life. I was certified at the Elaine Thomas, School of Fellowship of Spirit in Lily Dale. I have been doing readings since 1990. I may talk about past, present and future, money, health and your relationships. I see, feel and hear Guides, Angels and Spirits. My readings are knowledgeable and up lifting. I also provide clarity, insight and inspiration. Providing glimpses into the future. One of my passions is communicating with loved ones. I do private reading and house parties. 716-804-2453 or 716-433-1543 For Entertainment Purposes Only

Michelle Hall

Michelle is a certified psychic medium through the TrilogyInstitute of Lily Dale New York, with over 20 years of experience. She knew her life's path would be guided byspirit since childhood, coming from generations of gifted spiritualistsand tarot card readers. As an ordained minister, she has a true love for spiritual work,and is very dedicated to helping heal, counsel and make positive changes in people's lives.
Michelle is a respected personality in local and nationalmedia. Previously she appeared in an episode of the Dead Files featured on the Travel Channel. Michelle also hosted and was executive producer of The Psychics Next Door radio show on CBS Para-X radio, as well as her TV show Paranormal NewYork. Her work in TV and radio has contributed to educating the public about metaphysics and the paranormal.

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Jim Park

Jim Park-I have been reading Tarot Cards for over 20 years and have traveled many miles throughout the US and Canada doing fairs and Reading Tarot cards at shows. My astrology charts are said to be spot on and make great reading!! Come and have a reading or just to say Hi. I would love to talk with you! I am fond of saying Spirit provided us with a perfect life....then gave us free will to mess it up!! Please Enjoy the fair!! 

Lori Fay

Mystic Pines Medium-From a very young age, I have had the ability of psychic mediumship. It is believed that it was handed down through my mothers' side of the family, going back to my great grandmother and great aunt. Although I was young, I was aware of these abilities and they were always looked upon as normal in our home.I kept these gifts close to the heart for many years and only brought them to light through insightful conversations helping people in need. Five years ago I decided to start my journey to develop and fine tune these abilities to a higher level. Through this time, I have achieved the ability, with the help of my guides and angels, to see and hear Spirit. I am able to see one's guardian angel, therefore reading Angel Cards was the most divine path for me to travel. I have experienced all the Clars at one time or another during readings or during home cleansings. Clairvoyance is clear vision, Clairaudience is clear hearing, Clairsentience is sensation or feeling, Clairscent is smelling things like grandmas apple pie or cigar smoke, Clairtangency is touching an object or psychometry which will give me information about the person that owns it. Clairgustance is tasting, not always my favorite if it's a cigar dunked in brandy and last Clairempathy is emotion to actually feel another person's emotion or ailment.Loss of a loved one is one of the most difficult heartaches we must face throughout our time here. Whether it's a lover, family member or beloved pet; my goal is to connect you with your love one, giving you guidance and support so that you may continue your journey through life. I've chosen the name of Mystic Pines Medium after our family property. My husband and I named it Mystic Pines in 1999 for its tall pines, misty hills and its unique spiritual energy. In purchasing this property and eventually making it our home, it became clearer to me that my work in this field could be made more accessible to those in need as historical Lily Dale is but a stones throw away. My hope is through my readings with you, I can bring tranquility to your heart by connecting you with loved ones that have crossed over.

Cindy Lane Newcomb

As a small child, Cindy Newcomb knew that she had been given the universal gift of communicating with spirit and connecting to universal energy. Her love for spirit and Mother Earth guide her through her life. Meditating, breathing, just being one with nature, and helping others in their journey is her passion. Each of us has a spiritual body — also known as the soul. Through the use of her God-given gifts as a Psychic Spiritual Medium and Energy Healer, Cindy will assist you in healing your soul - your spiritual energy body. Healing and connecting your soul brings balance and harmony thus restoring your physical body’s health. We are all beautiful souls having a human experience.Her God-given gift as a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic, and conscious medium, provides Cindy with the ability to give your life insight, guidance, direction, and connect you with those on the other side.Connecting you with your loved ones can bring peace and comfort knowing those you love are still with you. Cindy can help you to understand and tap into your own inner guidance (psychic intuition) for answers; then she feels that she's done her job.Using a multitude of healing disciplines, Cindy has created a healing and intuitive approach to bring your mind, body, and spirit back into homeostasis.

Debbie Monteleone

Deb Monteleone-When I got my first Tarot deck at 18 I threw away the directions and just knew how to read them. My initial advance spiritual teaching at that time was from a Catholic priest. He taught me how to spiritually cleanse environments as well as people.  My mother was also a mentor teaching me astrology, spirit communication and many other practices. My mother was also a reader, tracing spirituality all the way back to the Mayflower. My greatest medium lessons came while working at the hospital.  That is the frontline where people are on the edge of living and dying. That is where you either help them cross or help them stay.  The frontline (hospital) is where you do the consoling and helping families deal with their grief.

Read more about Deb on her website

Antonio Torres

Antonio Torres- Psychic Medium ,I love to heal people by connecting with the spirit.I practice Reiki, Tuning Forks, and Singing Bowls therapy.These therapies help balance the chakras, and helps the healing process. In my readings, I use Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, as well as Stones and Crystals I love teaching people how to heal and, how to connect with there guides. I love going out of my way for one and another, this is very important for me! MAY WE ALL TRAVEL WITH LOVE AND THE LIGHT

Mr. Sabir- Palm Reader

Do you often wonder why your relationships fail? Are you feeling lonely, and are you broke? Whatever you do, nothing is positive? Are you living under heavy stress? Let me read your destiny and help you find answers to these questions. My name is Mr. Sabir. I’m a palm reader. I also incorporate my psychic abilities into my readings. If your spirit is strong, you will see your destiny. Palm reading is not only about the life line; it will bring to the fore both internal and external indications of what is going wrong for you. It is very true knowledge. I have read thousands of palms, and I have a lot of stories to tell. I have more than thirty years’ experience reading hand lines, and they always predict the truth. When I was in school, one day a teacher looked at my hand, and said, “You have a special ability. Inside you have a sea of hidden knowledge you must discover.” He taught me part of the knowledge and encouraged me to go on to learn more. I started looking at everyone’s hands and I realized that every hand is different, and every single palm has different lines. Why is that? It is because everyone has a different destiny. I also started reading books about palmistry, but these sources did not answer my many questions. I learned that I had to find a good teacher. I went to several teachers, asking questions. I traveled to many countries because I was crazy to learn palm reading. Then I was lucky, and I found one good teacher to teach me. After I learned, I felt as though I had entered a new world. Palmistry is an ancient art, a tool that can be used to help us make decisions in our lives. The lines of the hand don’t lie. I can study these lines and tell you things about your real issues in life, your health, loves, relationships, wealth. As everyone needs a doctor, everyone needs a good palm reader who can help you and help you find the right path. I can help you get rid of negative energies and spirits in your home. I can help you get more restful sleep. I can exorcise negative spirits in your home. As soon as I make a connection with you, I can see your spirit. If your spirit is strong, I will open the door, and you will see with your own closed eyes your deceased relatives, your past, and your future when you are with me. I can help you with any of your problems. Contact me via one of the methods below: Phone: 315-262-6522 Email: palmistery@yahoo.com Text me with WhatsApp and then talk with me via Skype. Website: www.destinyreader.com Facebook: Palm Reader @Palmreader91

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David Louis- Animal Communication

Bring in your leashed pet or a pet in a carrier and have a session with Animal Communicator David Louis-My name is David Louis and my life’s mission, both personally and professionally, is to bring you and your animals together through extraordinary means to facilitate healing, happiness and improved communication. There are many reasons why people just like you seek my help. It can be as simple as satisfying a slight curiosity, as complex as determining the most compassionate time to let your dear friend go, or pinpointing a physical issue that can improve your animal’s quality of life. Whatever your reason for wanting to deepen your connection, I invite you to contact me to help facilitate the communication between you and your animal. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Mary Lee

Mary Lee is a psychic medium has a Masters Degree in Creative Art Therapies as well as a MARI practitioner. Mary Lee connects to Higher Energies in her readings to offer insights that will help you in receiving the message Spirit intends. The messages you will receive in her readings will incorporate the recognition of your own strengths and assert your talents through empowerment.  In addition, . Mary Lee incorporates her Creative Arts Therapies education with her psychic mediumship in working with clients to explore their connection with spirit.  She provides SPIRIT ART and MANDALA reading, upon request, where the client will receive their personalized art piece that is created client during the session.   She believes when working in the artistic realm one’s higher self transforms itself in the artwork.  This provides the client with an opportunity for discovery and greater understanding of self.    Her readings offer creative insights and emphasize the Universe’s role in supporting us in our daily lives. 

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Katrin Naumann

Katrin Naumann is a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient Holistic Healer. She is Founding Director of Inner Balance Life Works: (R)evolutionary Self Transformation, in Syracuse NY. Katrin has been working with the Tarot for almost 30 years. She also draws on her knowledge of Evolutionary Astrology and the messages she receives from Spirit to provide insights into what the soul is attempting to communicate to us for our greater growth and expansion through this lifetime.


Alan Davis

Hi my name is Alan. I'm a Reiki Practitioner. From what I've been told by some, I have wonderful healing energy. People that had Reiki done by me could feel the energy that radiates from my hands and have said that they could feel the energy changes. Just a little information about myself, I started working with healing stones. When I moved to healing stones, I could Feel the energies and vibrations, I knew I was meant to do more. With encouragement from my wife, I took Reiki I and Reiki II. I enjoy healing work with the help of healing stones I am able to share the vibrations and my energy. I also use a Jade and Black Tourmaline bio-mat and I also use an Amethyst bio-pillow. So come lay down at my table, relax and let my energy and the energy of the healing stones do its magic on you.




Aura Experience

What I do is Metaphysical with Scientific backing. My hand plate measures your electromagnetic field and shows your spiritual colors and your Chakras (your bodies energy centers). When I look at your energy flow through your Chakras I can tell you what you need to work on, if anything, to fine tune your physical and spiritual body. If your energy flow is blocked we will talk about which area in you life you could work on to remove the blocks you have created. If your energy flows freely you will have more energy, sleep better, feel more positive and be more grounded and focused. You will see your Aura and Chakras and I will do an intuitive reading. I will record the reading and email it to you along with a 30 page report that will give you a lot of information to compliment the reading I do for you. I also make healing gemstone jewelry to continue the healing process. In the mineral kingdom which ever stone you are attracted to is the one that you need at this time. I am a Psychic Medium who was ordained in the Order of Melchizedek and have been a light worker for 15 years.

Lenore "Numerology Report"

Have an accurate Numerology report done just for you using Your Birthdate. 

Meraki Mood

Vendor Info

USDA Hemp Products, CBD Tinctures, holistic goods, essential oils, and oil diffuser jewelry

Lecture Info CBD 101. Learn the basics on CBD from Hemp, how it works, and how it effects the body. There will also be a Question and Answer segment for any specific CBD topics

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Western Vision

Hi we are Marion and Joe Davis owners of Western Vision.  We sell many different kinds of gemstones and crystals. We have over 50 different stones that have different meanings, healing properties, different Health uses, and more.If you are interested in learning about gem stones and crystals come out and check what we have to offer. If we cannot tell you the property of the stone we have many different books to find that meaning. So come out and be stoned!

Immortal Phoenix

Immortal Phoenix offers a wide array of metaphysical supplies for you and your home. Our items include and are not limited to: Jewelry, amulets, ritual items, sage, statuary, herbs, incense, oils, stones, books, tarot, cauldrons, gems, crystals, candles, and far more! Each object that you receive has been reiki-blessed and cleansed for your and your home. Rev, Martha Conan and Rhiannon Payne, the founders of Immortal Phoenix, are spiritual healers who provide several services to establish peace and harmony in their client's lives. They utilize spiritual tools such as sage, incense and blessed stones while counseling their clients. After many requests from clients for the sage and such, Immortal Phoenix was born. Please let us know if there is something that you would like that we don't carry. We will see if we can get it for you. Blessed Be....

Suzanne Pfendt-Bella Bags

Bella Bags, Jewelry & Accessories of Fairport A privately owned company established in 2003 Specializing in fine sterling silver jewelry and unique ladies accessories.

Moon Goddess Designs

Moon Goddess Designs is a family business with Jessica and I making wire wrapped gemstone necklaces and Claire and I making gemstone bracelets. We started making jewelry for family and fun in 2007 and then turned it into a business. We create jewelry that is for both beauty and healing. Each piece is made with you in mind. All crystals and gemstones have energy that they radiate. They each have different energy properties which, is what gives them the ability to help you feel better in body, mind, spirit and soul. We are all Reiki Practitioners so that energy is generated into the gemstones as we work and as the piece is completed. We add the intent that each piece assist and find the person that needs it. Each stone in our amulets/necklaces are different they are all one of a kind. Our bracelets are also one of a kind as we do not make the same pattern of beads unless it is for a custom order. Each piece come with a card that has the gemstone properties listed on it, so that you can chose the energy you need. The information that we provide is for educational purposes, it is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. We believe that when you work with traditional medicine and alternative healing you enhance your healing experience. Please see your doctor as needed.


FunKreationz-Steve's Funk-a-licious UpCycled boxes, shelves, old barn wood plaques, and anything he can get his hands on. His work is colorful and reminiscent of Dr. Suess.....You cannot help to smile when you see his colorful creations-And you cannot help but take a few home. He also has amazing coloring books and will have a coloring station at this event for relaxing and having fun!! 

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Eric Elias

Bio In November 2003, the universe sent me a telepathic message that I needed to start working with Crystals. Like anything new and different I responded with a baffled look on my face and a few incredulous words. I had seen people buying Crystals and thought to myself at the time, who spends that kind of money on a rock? However, this was one of those moments where the message was so clear I couldn’t help but listen. I went to the local Crystal shop and picked out a few Crystals that really seemed to speak to me. When I got home from the shop, I asked the universe what to do next. I got on my computer and started looking up information on Crystals. There was a world out there that I never knew existed before. I started by carrying crystals in my pockets, well, the small ones at least. I continued to work with Crystals on my own and decided to further my studies at the Crystal Alchemy Academy in Canada for Crystal healing where I learned how to do energy work with different layouts and building grids. Crystals have always been my main draw, my conduit for my spiritual process. They’ve led me into other forms of Energy work, like becoming a Reiki Master, yet I always come back to Crystals, the medium that I connect with most. They have really been by my side, a best friend you could call them, throughout my journey. In 2014, I opened Sonic Evolution, an online and traveling mineral shop, where I set up at mineral shows all over the country. I feel truly blessed as a Mineral Dealer to do what I love and help connect people with the Crystals that truly call to them. www.sonicevolution.etsy.com

Gwen Lane "Piphany"

Welcome to Piphany Boutique!  We have so many beautiful styles and prints to share. Each week we offer at least 2 new styles in limited quantities. If you are XS-3X, we’ve got you covered. Our awesome, buttery leggings are so in fashion. Their material if amazing. Piphany Boutique also carries our own original designs in gemstone jewelry utilizing beadweaving and bead embroidery. We will have a wonderful array of cabochons and salt in matrix available. The salt blocks are gathered from a mine 2,200 feet beneath lake Cayuga which alone is 600 feet deep. 

Earthly Emporium

Hello! My name is Alicia, Owner of Earthly Emporium. My belief in the earth led me to share my green witch knowledge through my business. Plants can do such amazing things! From herbal teas, tinctures, & smudging sticks to herbal soaking salts and soap��